Hotel Chunchi Imperial ***

Located in the center of Chunchi City. The Hotel Chunchi Imperial is the best accommodation alternative for
both the businessman and the national and foreign tourist.

Founded in July 2002, it is currently the only hotel to comply with all the requirements of the 
Ministry of Tourism, allowing to guarantee the quality of its services to all its guests.

It has a restaurant that offers daily menus, breakfast, lunch, dinner and a menu a l' carte ,
as well as organizing all kinds of social events, inside and outside its facilities.

The Hotel Chunchi Imperial is located 30 minutes away from the Devil's nose train station, 
45 minutes from Ingapirca,  the most important Archaeological Inca Temple in the country. 

also It is located few hours away to several important cities, 
2.5 hours from Guayaquil, 2 hours from Cuenca and 1.45 hours from Riobamba.

The Hotel has 40 rooms, including several suites and executive rooms.
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